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An ongoing formation event of the European Confederation of Jesuit Alumni/ae

Vienna, October 27-29, 2017

At the private audience for the European Encounters of the Jesuit Alumni in Rome (September 17, 2016), Pope Francis invited us to be women and men for and with others:

Through your Jesuit education, you have been invited to become “companions of Jesus” and, with Saint Ignatius Loyola as your guide, you have been sent into the world to be women and men for and with others. At this place and time in history, there is great need for men and women who hear the cry of the poor and respond with mercy and generosity. You are God’s eyes, mouth, hands and heart in this world.

For most of the alumni/ae the place where they are, is first and foremost defined by their family life and their professional life. Those two environments are the main focuses of their every day life, and for that reason this is also the place where they really can be men and woman of depth, men and women with others and men and women for others.

The European Confederation of Jesuit Alumni/ae acknowledges this reality and wants to provide alumni/ae from all over Europe with more opportunities to enable them to fulfil their wish to be those men and women, and to stay in touch with the spirit of the Society of Jesus which once took the responsibility of their education.

Fully aware of the diversity of professional backgrounds in which alumni/ae can be active, the Confederation is organizing the second seminar aimed at alumni/ae who are professionally active in the banking & finance sector.

From Friday evening, October 27, till Sunday noon, October 29, 2017, a weekend is planned in Vienna (Kardinal König Haus, Kardinal-König-Platz 3, 1130 Vienna) on the topic “Finance & Social Justice”. Some 30 professionals across Europe will discuss topics of practical, scientific, ethical and spiritual interest regarding the meta-technical aspects of the practice of the banking and finance sector. The discussions will be preceded by an introduction by a professional and/or an academic. The scientific committee of the seminar consists of Fr Dr Jörg Alt SJ (Nürnberg / Germany), Peter Brandner (Ministry of Finance / Vienna), Dr Bernulf Bruckner (Liquidity Research Training and Consulting),

Prof Dr Wolfgang Palaver (University of Innsbruck),Prof.Dr.Martin Rhonheimer and Fr Friedrich Sperringer SJ (Vienna)

Although this event is primarily aimed at alumni/ae who are professionally active in banking and finance, it is also open to non-alumni/ae with a similar background, who are interested in the topics and to students in disciplines that prepare for a professional activity in this sector.

The participation fee will be limited to 150 € pp, including four meals (lunch on Saturday and Sunday and dinner on Friday and Saturday). Hotels and travel should be booked individually. However, 11 individual rooms and 1 double room have been reserved by us at the Kardinal König Haus. If you want to use one of these rooms, please let us know with your registration. 2


Friday, October 27th

18.00: Arrival at Kardinal König Haus.

19.00: Welcome, introductory remarks.

19.30: Dinner.

20.15: Fr Friedrich Sperringer SJ(Vienna)

“Introduction to the Apostolic Exhortation - EVANGELII GAUDIUM (Chapter Two)”.

Saturday, October 28th

9.00 Prof Dr.Martin Rhonheimer

“Christian social ethics and Capitalism: A contradiction?”

10.00: Discussion.

10.30: Coffee break.

11.00: Peter Brandner (Senior Adviser to the Federal Ministry of Finance / Vienna)

"Finance for a Good Society?"

12.00: Discussion.

12.30: Lunch.

14.00: Speaker (from the Jesuit Refugee Services /Austria) not yet confirmed

“General Review: Jesuit worldwide interventions and an introduction to an Austrian initiative”.

14.30: Prof Dr Wolfgang Palaver (University of Innsbruck).

„Faith and Trust: On the Need to Desacralize Money and the Market“

15.15 Discussion

15.30: Coffee break.

16.00: Dr Bernulf Bruckner (Vienna)

“Financial Systems and their Impact on Real Economy: Prerequisites, Characteristics, Functions, and Incompatibilities".

17.00: Discussion.

17.30: End of working sessions

18.30: Optional celebration of the Eucharist in the chapel of Kardinal König Haus.

20.00: Dinner.