New Delegates of Spirituality Network in Europe

Although there are more than twenty organised networks in the European Conference, only one was devoted to Ignatian Spirituality, the network of Spirituality Centres, with an attention restricted, however, to the activities of the many Jesuit retreat houses.

Recent developments emphasised the foundational importance of Ignatian Spirituality: the first of the four UAPs, indispensable for the vitality of the all the others; the reactivation in Rome of the Secretariat for the Service of Faith; and the many references, direct and indirect, of Pope Francis to central themes of Ignatian Spirituality.

The Apostolic Plan of the JCEP elected Ignatian Formation as one of the calls to be addressed at the Conference level. Indeed, these are good times for Ignatian Spirituality.

They make clearer how much Ignatian Spirituality is a treasure we are responsible to develop and offer to all.

To respond to that, the European Provincials decided “to create now a new network, formed by one representative from each province/region of the Conference, each bringing a broader overview knowledge of everything that is going on in the field of Ignatian Spirituality in his province/region.

This more focused group will have, thus, the capacity to evaluate and reflect on the ways Ignatian Spirituality is being offered all around the European Conference and may explore ways to disseminate good practices, plan possible common initiatives, work together in the formation of new agents, etc.”